New Solar Project In Colorado Exceeds Expectations

Solar FarmThe Comanche Solar Project is going to be supplying about 120 megawatts of energy to Xcel Energy’s portfolio of energy in the state. this large solar farm is exceeding the expectations of those in the industry, and it will be providing about 70% of the total energy that Xcel Energy will be producing.

In essence, this is the largest solar project east of the Rockies and it will give Xcel the chance to double its output in the region. With a project like this in the Rockies, companies will also be able to see how well the tracking technology works. The panels will follow the sun from when it is rising to when it is setting at night.

The solar panels will be built by Community Energy and the project will be able to power about 31,000 homes when it goes live. This is just another step in supporting energy production in the region with alternative energy.