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(Solar) Rooftops of New York


shutterstock_139568855There are so many rooftops in the whole of the city of New York that there is plenty of space for solar energy. The installations are going up at an amazing rate, and some of them are extremely large. Jetro Cash and Carry has the largest solar panel installation in the city (and you’ve never heard of them.) However, if everyone used their rooftop space for solar panels, they would be able to get mostly off the grid very easily.

There are many companies that are competing for the work to install solar panels all over the city, and the Governor’s office is earmarking even more money for solar energy in the state. Even while California and Arizona have 80% of the solar panels in the US, New York’s investment program could bring it into competition with the western states.

This solar boom could help to quell energy supply fears in the Northeast.

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