Texas is Saving Big with Wind Energy

Renewable energy is really paying off in Texas, as the state recently detailed how it saved $5.75 billion in wholesale electricity in 2017.

Wind-produced energy now accounts for over 17% of all of the electricity generated in the state.  Compare that to the less than 1% market share it accounted for in 2002, making the trend clear.  Solar energy is also on the upswing in Texas, though to a lesser degree than wind energy.  According to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), electricity rates would have been 8.2% higher without the help of the renewable energy being added to the state’s energy grid.

Texas electricity consumers that are located in the deregulated areas of the state benefit in two ways from this increase in renewable energy.  Firstly, their electricity rates are lower across the board than they would have been without the renewables, no matter which electricity plan they have.  Secondly, they can select one of the many 100% renewable electricity plans if they so choose, which saves them money and helps the ecosystem.